Anahi Caceres: WALLS XXth – XXIst CENTURIES


A new project, Anahi Caceres and her arteUna network added to their contribution to “Woman: Memory of Repression in Argentina”

Physical and virtual WALLS, which collapsed or are still standing or under construction. WALLS for defence ? , for demarcation; for containing; for discrimination; WALLS as boundaries or for segregation.
August 13th, 2004, marks the 34th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall, which was pulled down in the XXth century. However, new walls
are being built in this millennium. There is always a line that divides a world in two parts. This call is proposed as a community work of art , and in order to reflect upon this, its architecture is neither lineal nor hierarchical, and we all participate in its weave. Researchers, artists, journalists and theoreticians who model an open response to dialogue and transformation.
For Berlín – Israel- Cysjordania – Korea – Mexico – Belfast – Bagdad, Wet Backs from all parts of the segregated world . And the other walls: Walls of Intolerance, Walls and Memory for the missing and so many others.

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